Top 3 Best Bridal Shower Games

Your bridal shower should be a memorable event. Hence, you would want to make it more fun with your girlfriends. One of the best ways to make your bridal shower more fun is playing some bridal shower games. Here are the top three best games you can play during your bridal shower.

The Bridal Shower Bingo Game

Playing this game requires following the traditional bingo rules. As the gifts are opened, the guests learn whether they can mark off a diagonal, horizontal, or vertical line on their bingo card. There are several variations for playing this game, with each variation being suitable for different age groups. Pick the variety that suits your group best.

In the most common variation of this game, pencils and bingo cards are distributed to the guests before the bride starts opening her gifts. The guests fill the square at the center with the tip they gave the bride. The other squares are filled with different possible gifts the host will receive. As the presents are opened, the guests mark off the square they wrote down the gift. The first guest to mark a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row correct shouts “bingo” and wins a prize.

Another variation of the bridal shower bingo game is where the bride instructs her guests to fill the bingo squares with the gifts that she will describe. As the bride opens her gifts, she will describe them using some adjectives and the guests write down the gift they think has been described. The first guest to guess a correct vertical, diagonal, or horizontal row wins a prize.

Purse Hunt

This game is similar to a scavenger hunt, and each purse or bag of the guests is used to play this game. You should create a list of items that are most likely and least likely to be found in a purse. The items that are most likely to be found in a purse earn lower points while those that are least likely to be found in a purse or bag earn more points. But don't do this in the witner, for this time of the year better use this style.

When playing the game, call out each item one by one and the first guest to pull out the object from their handbag or purse earns corresponding points. At the end of the game, the guest with the highest points wins a prize. You can make it more fun by including prizes for the first and second runner-up. You may also group your guests in teams, and the team with the highest points wins an award.

A Lie and Two Truths

Besides the bridal shower bingo and purse hunt games, another great game for a bridal shower is a lie and two truths. In this game, each guest stands up and shares two true stories and one myth about the bride. The stories can be something the guest and the bride did together or simple statements related to the bride. All other guests write down the story they think is a lie. Any guest who guesses correctly earns a point. If a guess is incorrect, the guest who shared the lie earns one point. Every guest keeps track of the points they earn. When all guests have shared their two truths and a lie, the guest who makes the most points wins the game.